Is art making you feel stressed and anxious?

Harder than it seems

It seems that these days pretty much everyone is affected by stress and anxiety. However, it hurts the most then it is something that you also love – art. Many artists deal with stress for many reasons. For example, they might think that their quality is not as high as it could be or maybe they are scared about a new gallery opening. 

There are multiple reasons why stress affects artists, but it is always possible to deal with it. That is why I wanted to make a short list of ways to combat the anxiety. 

The active way 

This is something that a lot of us know as the best way to deal with stress, but we still rarely do it. Trust me I know that going out for a run is not usual for everybody, but it is important. A healthy mind can only exist in a healthy body. So, better get that body healthy!  

I am not saying that you need to go and run the longest marathon. All it sometimes takes is to take a walk outside even for 10 minutes, and you might be as happy as a young child again.  

The playful way 

More or less everyone used to play computer games when they were younger. However, this is not just for children anymore, as people all around the world find comfort in games. There is just something so relaxing about playing that it makes them the perfect way to fight anxiety and stress. 

I personally find casino games to be the best option for me. Slots are the best for me, as it is very calming to watch something spin. I guess I am also starting to understand why fidget spinners were so popular. It is quite easy to find no deposit slots and play for free. All artists want to be relaxed, but getting to that for free is even better. 

The lazy way 

Sometimes you feel so anxious that you do not want to do anything at all. That is the perfect time to just sit back and watch a movie. Or two. Or three. Yes, I am talking about doing a movie marathon. That way you will completely forget whatever was on your mind before you started watching TV.  

It is all about forgetting everything stressful for a while. After that you can come back to your work with a completely different mind. So, what movies will you be watching?  


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