Become a better photographer

Ignorance is bliss. Or is it?

Doing everything in a mediocre standard only saves you a bit o time. In the short run. You can take out your phone, snap a picture (or a dozen), add a filter and call yourself a photographer.

But have you looked at the results afterwards?

If you did (which didn’t happen often), you were disappointed, didn’t you. You though ‘I’ll take several quick shorts, one of them is bound to be good. But it wasn’t.

In that case, does it really save time? Many will agree that a master in his field is faster in his tasks.

We hope you do want to become a better photographer. Not for the rest of the world. To hell with them. But for You.

Be more mindful in everything you do – write, say compliments, brew tea, even play games on this page as well as photography. That’s where happiness hides.

Stability is key

stabilzie camera

Get a tripod. It’s that simple. They come in a variety of sizes but even a few seconds spent ensuring the stability of your camera will do wonders to the quality of your photos.

You know when you just NEED to take a picture? Look for techniques that don’t require a tripod. You can wrap the strap around your hand, or use your knee/elbow to stabilize your DSRL.

Learn how the light works

Start with an Egg. It changed my life.

You don’t have to rush. Evaluate possible angles. Pick one. Think about why did you make this choice. Like I said, being mindful is what you are looking after. And when you don’t know, let it be. You don’t need to go straight to the Forums and start asking questions. Give it time and the answer will come to you.


You may have heard of Darren Rowse. He’s an idol of mine and the owner of Problogger as well as Digital Photography School. They have superb resources, from the most basic to expert advice.

Or, Scott Kelby is a master of his craft who also happens to have his own series of books simply called The Digital Photography Book. Well-worth checking out.

But more importantly, every concept that your learn, you must start using immediately. At least, explain to your friend how the concept works. Learning is great but not applying your knowledge won’t do any difference.


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