Modern Photography – Has No Message Anymore?

Photography is the art and science of recording light or electromagnetic radiation and either electronically using an image sensor or chemically, by means of a light-sensitive material.

Breaking at their time


This is the dry theory. Actually, photography is a pioneering achievement of modern mankind. For many centuries impressions could only be written or painted. Many kings were painted, scenes of family celebrations, important events were banished on canvas.

With the triumph of smartphones and the ability to shoot images, we have integrated this ability into our daily lives. This leads to what suddenly seemed to be ground-breaking and breath-taking, suddenly appearing as normal and always available. A storm in Spain leaves tourists leaving the beach? A few minutes later, a video can be found online. A rear-end collision occurred on a motorway? Live images are not long in coming. Readers have become an integral part of newspapers and magazines, especially in their online presence. These snapshots shape our current image of photography. But there is also a different development, namely the spread of professional photography. Many people dare to become self-employed and set up their own photography, because professional equipment has never been so cheap and so easily available.

New opportunities

Our modern channels, which allow the photographer to publish the shot pictures himself, mean that an editor does not look at the image before it is published, but often the creator decides what he has in his book or on his own Upload blog. Is that make any stress? Probably yes! In case you need relieve stress buy fidget sticks. I know it helped for many photographers.

The claim nowadays that everything must be incredibly great and insanely important, of course, also does not stop before the photography and can cause, just because of the available technical aids that photos are placed. The temptation is, of course, great, here a bit help, something here to improve with one or the other corrective program. All this, of course, poses new challenges for the judges of photography competitions, but the quality assurance standards have to be adapted accordingly, and submitted photos must be examined in more detail, so that it is actually an authentic, What she promises. And does not turn out to be a fake on closer inspection.


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