What kind of photographer are you

What kind of photographer are you?

When the profession of a photographer became popular, and photo sessions became in demand, it became necessary to classify professionals in this field.

According to the basic parameters of the division, it is possible to divide all the photographers into specialists and amateurs. Their differences lie in the fact that the amateur takes pictures for their own pleasure, and the specialist in this field has experience, special education and receives income from his occupation. This is basic, but by no means the only classification. Often photos made by an amateur deserve no less attention than works done by a professional.

Hence, we subdivided photographers according to the genres of their works. Which category would you fall into?

Studio photographers

Studio photographersThese are professionals who take photos on documents, family photos or just portraits at the request of the client. With such a photographer, each person met more than once. They are most often in demand for photo sessions. At their disposal are necessary decorations and equipment, they display in their photos what the client wants.

Stock Photos

They are specialists who take pictures for advertising, glossy magazines, Internet sites. In their work they always use photo editors. Therefore, the original snapshot often changes beyond recognition. These masters sell their work using the Internet. Sometimes stock photography begins as a hobby.

Reporting photographers

Reporting photographersThey are eager to get everywhere, to get a photograph at all costs. They are always on the move. The townsfolk get acquainted with their work with the help of newspapers. These specialists often illustrate the most important events in the life of society.

In the same category include the so-called “paparazzi” – photographers who earn money with the help of someone else’s popularity. Their task is to bring to the general public scandalous details from the life of celebrities. These photographers are more likely to encounter negative reactions of people to their work, but this does not bother them much.

“People also look down on gamblers playing casino ipad apps, but that doesn’t stop them from doing what they love,” says one of our reporting photographers when we asked how does it feel to be in profession that’s frowned upon.

Family photographers

Makes photos and portraits of families, makes family albums. Often he knows his clients well, their best perspectives and takes pictures of all the important events in their life. Separately, you can select wedding photographers. Among them there are real masters of their craft, able to capture one of the most important events in a person’s life at a very high level. Such specialists always have in their arms cunning and subtlety, which allow achieving remarkable results.

Animalist photographers

Animalist photographersThey shoot wild animals in their natural habitat. Their activity resembles a hunt: it requires no less stress and soak, and the camera’s lens somewhat resembles a rifle. They shoot our younger brothers in the most unexpected angles.

Art photographers

These are the geniuses of their work. They handle the camera no worse than the artists brush. They can see beauty in the simplest and most common objects. They transfer their vision of the world to their work. Art photography does not aim to sell any product, it reflects the inner world of the photographer. Sometimes it is difficult to understand such pictures due to subjective perception.

All these specialists can have extraordinary abilities in their field and make others happy with their work.


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